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 Champion sired female Bichon Frise puppy

 Bichon Frise puppy Champion bloodlines

Bichon Frise puppies in Illinois

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We have a litter due first part of August. So excited :)
Mom (Frost) is out of Champion lines and has been OFA tested for eyes, knees and hips She is bred to my new male Bichon from Romania who has an outstanding pedigree, 4 generations of Champions
Love, my new male will be entering the
showring in August.
Pick of the litter to Liz from this breeding. 
All parents are OFA tested.(eyes, knees, hips) 
 Ch. sired or Champion grand-sired 


Thanks for visiting my Bichon Frise website.  My name is Barb (Barb's Bichons) and I have been raising ONLY Bichon Frise and  puppies for close to 20 years.  I have learned lots of things about Bichons over the years.

We have Bichon Frise puppies in Illinois. Puppies are either AKC Champion sired or Ch. Grandsired. My breeding Bichons have been health tested...eyes, hips, and patellas (knees). Eye testing can be done anytime after the dogs eyes are open. For Patella testing, the Bichon must be at least 12 months of age. Hip testing is not available til the dog is 24 months or more.

My Bichon Frise puppies are not pet shop priced as I do not raise pet store Bichons that come from puppy mills. If you are looking for a healthy well adjusted Bichon Frise puppy then you have come to the right place.


Below is a video of a Bichon Frise puppy in Illinois.





My Bichon dogs and Bichon Frise puppies live inside of my house and not in a kennel. We raise them for conformation and temperment. The pups are well socialized and started on their crate training before they leave here. We administer our own shots starting at 8 weeks and also de-worm on a regular basis. You will receive the puppy's health record,puppy kit with dog food,treats and a blanket with the smell of his mother and litter mates. I require you to take the pup to your own vet for a health check within 72 hours unless there is a reason that you can't. (holiday or whatever) If I have to ship the puppy you will receive the health certificate from my vet required for flying. Shipping is extra. (I charge actual shipping fees)but i also pay someone $100 to drive to the airport. I try to use United Airlines and Delta, as we feel it is the safest way to ship your Bichon Frise puppy. Sorry, we do not ship to Hawaii.


Information on my Bichon dogs and puppies

My Bichon Frise puppies are AKC Registered from Quality Champion bloodlines
All of my Bichon Frise puppies are Crate Trained
Bichon Frise puppies ready at 8 weeks of age
All of my Bichons Frise puppies come with a health guarantee.
MY male Bichon Frise stud dogs are DNA tested by the AKC
My Bichon Frise come from top quality Champion bloodlines, if not Champion sired
Bichon Frise is pronounced   Bee-shawn-Free-say
We offer full support  with your Bichon puppy.
If you have questions on your Bichon,  whether you purchased from us or not,
please call we are into natural and  holistic foods and flea control and if you
have a question, please let me know.
My Bichon Frise look like Bichons (not Poodles) sorry Poodle people!!
My Bichons are permanently identified with microchips or tattoos
My breeding Bichon Frise have been OFA'd and CERF'd tested for genetic disorders

 Best Breed for people with allergies or asthma

One thing for sure is they are the best breed for people that have allergies or asthma.Bichons also make excellent therapy dogs and get along with young children as well as the elderly. In fact one of my retired Bichons turned therapy dog after she left here. She is pictured below. 

Bichon Frise therapy dog


 Questions about Bichon Frise

Things to ask the potential breeder.

1. First thing i would ask for is the pedigree to make sure they

are not breeding Brothers and Sisters as another breeder does. Not ethical and definitely not good practice whether they are health tested or not.

If you need help reading a Bichon pedigree, i can help.

Here is what is selling to you!!! I feel sorry for those of you that purchase her inbred Bichons. If you can see, she purchased 3 Bichons that are ALL from the same litter...full Brothers and Sisters. Dillon Broussard, Diamond Broussard and Dash Foulks (highlighted in yellow) When a breeder registers a litter with the AKC the litter is given a unique number and the last 2 digits are the number of the dog when registered. Their litter number is NP175215

The dogs circled in Blue have been bred together which is total dog incest!!

I did forget to circle in blue the first generation of this litter pedigree who are

Denzel Broussard and Daisy Broussard

This pedigree was sent to someone that "just about" purchased 2 puppies from them last year.

 Can you see what is going on here?   These dogs are totally inbred. Please look for health issues. Inbred Bichons









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Champion sired Bichon Frise puppy

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