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Bichon Testimonials

~~~ Emails and letters from my Bichon Frise puppy owners ~~~  


Just want you to know, Bailey is doing great. He is so smart and darn cute. what an independent little guy.
My husband loves him and is very happy we have him. Training is goin really well and he is sleeping on the bed
and pretty much through the night. Very spoiled. Everyone is asking where I got him. Thanks for sharing
your pups with me. Cheers, Marty B.


Bichon Frise puppy in Illinois


Just thought I'd let you know Gabby handled the trip home just great - laid down and slept almost all the
way.  She and Pepper are getting to know each other and doing fine.  She has learned in a short time (last
night and this morning) that she loves outdoors and the grass - of course we are always with her.  

She is doing well and we Love Her!  

Keep in touch about what you think are best foods and I will keep in touch about her progress - not just
pictures now but as she gets older.

Thanks so much for everything - You are Great!

B Williams



 Hello Barb! I just wanted to give you an update on Robo – yes, we changed his name because he never
runs out of energy, he is like a little robot! He has been doing great and sleeping mostly in the bed or on his
little mat in the bedroom – and he is getting pretty big and growing well. He has a great personality and gets
along with my other dog Buddy, and he likes to run around the farm and get into trouble, chasing the barn
cats and all that kind of thing… so all in all he is doing great! I have a bunch of pictures but not at work, so if
I think of it later on I will send you some.

Talk to you soon!




 Hi Barb,
I just got your phone message and e-mail.  The dogs are doing great!  They are so adorable.  They slept
part of the way home.  They haven't done any crying, like our other dog did.  My Dad came home for lunch
to see them.  He misses having a dog more than he would admit to it.  The dogs love the house.  They have
been exploring since we got home.  I will keep in touch and send you pictures and videos.  If I forget to
send some pictures and you would like some, don't hesitate to e-mail me.  I am going to try to put it in my
planner to send pictures to you often.  It was nice meeting you and all the dogs.  They are very friendly.  
We did go to the vet and they said the dogs sound and look good.  Everyone there wanted to hold them and
see the new pups.  Teddy weighed in at 3 lb 8 oz and Benji weighed in at 3 lb 6 1/2 oz.
Tomorrow the pups go shopping for some sweaters and toys.  
Have a great evening.




 Well Eddy has stollen our hearts!!!!!! He is the best, he even pees and poops out in the run. We were shocked! I put him in the grass and he doesn't know what to do so he lays down. He peed and pooped in the kitchen on Sat, but after that we had no problems. He loves his cage and as of today he has not soiled it. He is of merry spirit and lovable beyond words.

We took him to the vet today and all was well but, the vet said he has a very slight heart murmur. She said this will probably go away and she will check him again @ 12 weeks when he gets his shot. I am not concerned. The vet said it is up to us about the Lepto shot. My sister in law does not give her dogs the Lepto shot either. I understand the risks both pro and con but; you have alot of experience in this area;and I plan on  following your advice.  Eddy will not be exposed to the environment conducive to these pathogens. 
We have Grayslake  feed store by us and they carry merrick dog food so we are good  to go in this area. 
Barb , we are so happy with Eddy my mother in law is smiling all the time when I place him in her lap.  I have to include a couple of pictures.

 Bichon Therapy puppy